The Kenya Help project provides the tools to orphanages in Kenya to help them become self sustainable. The focus started with the children at the Sidai Rehabilitation Centre in Ngong, Kenya, and is now touching the lives of many children at different orphanages in that area. Based in Ontario, Kenya Help Founder Nancy Stevens travels to Ngong so she can work on construction projects in order to better the lives of the children. Food, Health Care and Education are the priorities of Kenya Help, and we will certainly be at the forefront of making change for the children of Kenya.   KENYA HELP PROJECTS »



Nancy arrived to volunteer in Ngong, Kenya in 2008. She started at a small orphanage called Sidai in the hills. Soon, a classroom was built, malaria prevention done, first aid supplies bought and general everyday life was organized. Thoughts for other projects were on her mind, and are now a reality.

In June 2010, Nancy travelled to Kenya to help the Sidai Orphanage become self-sufficient and to have The Story filmed to show you how your donations work in Kenya. A chicken coop, security gates, a playground and 1.5 acres of crops were the jobs done on behalf of all donors. Paddy O'Connor and his crew from Ireland built the new orphanage, and soon the children will  be in a positive environment where they can completely thrive. It will have an immediate and definite impact on the lives of the Sidai children.

2011 was a successful year for KH thus far. 14 crops are growing at Sidai, chickens are laying and children are being fed. 10,000 litres of water was delivered, 4 trucks of manure for the crops, 4 dining tables with benches, and wardrobes were purchased. KH continues to help Sidai, but has spread out to so many more. 120 solar lights were distributed, mattresses replaces rotten ones, desks were built, first aid delivered, security walls and gates for protection, and precious food and water delivered. It was a great year!

March 2012 was a HUGE success! With a team of 4, Kenya Help was able to do more this year than ever before. The Kibiko Primary School was the ficus of all of our projects. Over 800 children will benefit from a school that is not raining indoors. Four classroom floors were poured;a leaking roof replaced, transparent sheets above each classroom for more light; facia board and gutters replaced to collect rain water; a new school entrance, sign and security gate was put up; 150 pounds of first aid was done and distributed;10,000 litres of water delivered to the school; and electricity put in. As well, the Kenya Help Kitchen is on the grounds. What an exciting month of March! Thank you for all of your help to get these projects done!

February 2013 proves that we just keep growing and reaching more children. The KH Kitchen was in full swing feeding over 6,000 children, the school build went very smooth and 50,000 litres of water was delivered until the water tanks fill with rain. Over 200 news desks were built and we repaired the roof of two schools. The list just goes on and on because of you!

January 2014 had a focus on education for the Kenya Help team. A beautiful school was built for those who were sitting outside to learn. Bellies were filled with food and clean water and children were clothed for their new school year. Thank you for your support!


With your help, we can do so much more for the children of Kenya.